I have been a FocusFit athlete over a year now. I enjoy FocusFit because each workout is new and challenging. I have never done the same workout twice. The coaches are also all very knowledgeable and determined to make each movement purposeful. While at FocusFit, I have noticed my flexibility improve and nagging pains disappear… Read more “I have noticed my flexibility improve and nagging pains disappear”

Pablo Neito

I used to be pretty fit throughout my young adulthood, as I got older and worked more I neglected that part of my life. I was always strong and agile, then I lost it. Nick Stiler, with FocusFit would say, come work out us!! Finally, one day he sent me a text saying, “what time… Read more “I hope if you need help with your body and mind, this is the place. I love FocusFit!!!!”

Pamela Stegar

I’ve been going there to get into shape. After 32 years of working at Kreuz Bbq my body ain’t what it used to be. The trainers really focus on you either one on one or as a small group. I’ve put up with knee pain for 6 years and finally got injections. They know how… Read more “They know how to help you strengthen your weaknesses and live a better life”

Roy Perez

FocusFit is fabulous. The class sizes are perfect. Coaches do an excellent job of tailoring workouts or modifying exercises to help people be successful in achieving their individual goals.

Sarah Montoya