I have noticed my flexibility improve

I have been a FocusFit athlete over a year now. I enjoy FocusFit because each workout is new and challenging. I have never done the same workout twice. The coaches are also all very knowledgeable and determined to make each movement purposeful. While at FocusFit, I have noticed my flexibility improve and nagging pains disappear… Read more “I have noticed my flexibility improve”

Pablo Neito

I love FocusFit!!!!

I used to be pretty fit throughout my young adulthood, as I got older and worked more I neglected that part of my life. I was always strong and agile, then I lost it. Nick Stiler, with FocusFit would say, come work out us!! Finally, one day he sent me a text saying, “what time… Read more “I love FocusFit!!!!”

Pamela Stegar